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Letra da Música [mexican mariachi music].

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go

Wait now for my time it’s coming
Yeah, you’ll see
Step back, look around, she’s on it
I’ll give you the time you need
Please, come here

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go

Everybody says that you missed your place in the world
Secrets, you keep em, to hide your soul
Easy to be cold
Oh I know you know

So far down
It’s not right coming up the ground
And people stop and they see
What the hell has happened to me
Then let’s meet where we agree

Everybody’s coming, everybody's going
Swiping their arms out, grabbing at me
I can’t see the trees
I can’t feel the breeze
But I know it’s all right
I know I know I know

Oh, I know
So, I’ll go

- Mari Magno -