Download: zayn malik disses niall horan after new single drops

Letra da Música [zayn malik disses niall horan after new single drops].

It's just another stupid love song
And just a waste of time
I guess you've just been leading me on
So were you ever really mine?
You kept telling me that we were "just friends"
But that you might want more
I don't know why I'm even talking
It never mattered much before

I can see you're, you're leaving me
There's nothing left for me to say
But know one thing as you leave
I loved you more with everyday

So tell me now am I convenient?
Do I fit into your plans?
Why should I believe that you're trying?
I know its just another scam

So what's the reason for this mess you've made?
Is it to prove that you can make mistakes?
Or is it proof that I am accident prone?
Well rumor has it that you slept with the kid on your own