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Letra da Música [chris martin choreography caroline steezy co].

Well I hear you're driving someone else's car now
She said she came and took your stuff away
All the poetry and the trunk you kept your life in
I knew that it would come to that someday

Like a sad hallucination
When I opened up my eyes
The train had passed the station
And you were trapped inside
And I never wondered where you went
I only wondered why, I wondered why

Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline

Well I hear you're using someone else's number
She said she saw you in the store today
It doesn't matter whose address you're listed under
I only know they'll never make you stay

Like a memory in motion
You were only passing through
That is all you'll ever know of life,
That's all you'll ever do
There's a dream I have where I sail away
Looking back, I wave at you
And I wave goodbye

Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline
Oh Caroline